Arts and Culture

Enriching environments and student development

Art installation on display in the Besse Center gallery

The arts enrich the college environment, student development and community engagement. Artwork is displayed all throughout our campus; students, faculty and staff enjoy the multitude of benefits of art as an everyday experience. Art students attend campus exhibitions, receptions, artist talks and panel discussions to hear the featured artists discuss their work and practice. Art faculty use the college’s extensive collection to help instruct students in a wide range of artistic possibilities and harness the creative power of the individual.

Art Galleries

The arts are an integral part of everyday life. Bay College hosts annual art shows, has multiple campus galleries and procures an extensive art collection.


Art Collections

The college’s permanent art collection comes from three main sources.

Painting of a red fish on a table

Student Work

Robert Addison painting of a neigborhood street on a summer day


Painting of multiple bags of M&M's

Lawrence Hartwig Endowment


Robert Addison

Evoking mood with atmosphere to portray a unique perspective.