在线 courses are entirely online requiring students to complete online assignments with specified deadlines.


在线 hybrid courses are blended courses combining scheduled virtual meetings with content delivered online.


On-campus hybrid courses are blended courses combining on-campus attendance with content delivered online.


On-campus courses are taught in-person requiring on-campus attendance, but may also utilize online materials.






Your online learning questions answered.

HUB 800 (Escanaba校区)
(906) 217-4276

Joseph Mold: Executive Director - Escanaba校园 HUB 844
Edie Erickson: Instructional Designer - Remote
Lindsey Dailey: Assistant Instructional Designer - Remote

Students can receive support for technical issues they encounter related to online learning. 我们可以帮助黑板, MyBay, Respondus Lockdown browser and Respondus browser and just about any other problem you encounter with your online courses.


Know that your online courses at Bay are not self-paced and require reliable access to the Internet. As an online learner at 湾大学 you should be prepared and engaged in your coursework, especially on the first day of class. Take a few minutes to explore and familiarize yourself with your online course when you enter it for the first time. Read the start here page and the syllabus thoroughly. Ask yourself, “Does this look like a course that I can be successful in?” Then, if you have questions, contact your instructor.

Understand that a course syllabus is a contract between both your instructor and you, and that a course syllabus is subject to change with prior notice. If a schedule is provided, print it off, or save it to your computer. As an online learner it is essential for you to know at a glance what and when things need to be completed in your online course.


If discussion boards are used in your course take the time in them to develop thoughtful responses to discussion topics. 不要只说“是”、“不”或“我同意”. 使用课本, 还有其他资源, 支持你的观点, and always cite those sources you do use. One benefit of taking an online course is that you are given time to consider what you will say and how you will say it. 让你的贡献有意义.

Make an effort to connect with your fellow classmates. They can be as important of a resource to you as the instructor of your course. Plan to check your online course and 湾大学 email account at least every other day. Doing so will help you stay active, involved, and on track for success in your online course. Additionally, you will frequently receive important announcements via your email.


Save your work early, often, and before you submit it. This way you will have a record of your work, and you will be able to resubmit your work in the event of any technical mishap. Always put your first initial and last name on any document or file you submit in your online course.


If you start to fall behind in your online course do not wait. Do the next assignment/activity in the course. 先努力一点, 当你这样做的时候, talk to your instructor to discover how you can best catch up. If you are having an issue, be it technical, or otherwise, contact your instructor immediately.


This is especially important in an online course. There are software programs that detect plagiarism (copying others work). 也, 可以追踪IP地址, 测试时间可以进行比较, and questions can be easily evaluated to detect cheating in online exams. If you are not sure what would be considered plagiarism or cheating, please ask your instructor.

The 湾大学 IT Help Desk can help with technical questions, 电脑问题, 下载软件, 网络摄像头, 麦克风, 登录问题, setting up email on your phone and more.

  • Escanaba校园 Location - JHUC 908M
  • Phone: 906-217-4025 (for all students and locations)
  • 电子邮件: ithelp_FROM_BAY_COLLEGE
  • West Campus Iron Mountain Location - Main Floor Computer Lab
  • West Campus IT Help Desk: Phone: 906-302-3025

在线 support is available during regular business hours 8:30 - 5pm EST (Summer Hours M - Thursday 7:30 - 5:30pm EST - End of May - August 1)


  • Locate your username and password included in your acceptance letter which was delivered to your home
  • 您的默认用户名是firstname.姓氏(例如,john.doe)
  • Your default password consists of the word Welcome (capital W), 后面加逗号, 然后是你的身份证号码. For example, if your ID number is 12345, then your password will be: Welcome,123455


  • 访问 密码管理器 myBay网页.
  • Login with your default username and password.
  • Review and accept the security policy.
  • 设置3个秘密问题.
  • 修改默认密码.
  • If you struggle to remember your account information you may want to save your username, 安全问题, 答案, and password on paper for future referencee

是的. In order to better prepare you for online and hybrid courses, all new online and hybrid students will be required to complete an orientation course in 黑板上 online. This course will take approximately 1 hour to complete and must be completed in order for you to have access to your online courses. As soon as you register as a new online student you will automatically be enrolled in the 在线学习 Orientation course in 黑板上. After you complete this course it will take about an hour (M-F) to log your completion status and give you access to your online courses. Do it ASAP before the semester starts. Follow the steps below to access and complete the 在线 Orientation course:

  1. 黑板上登录页面
  2. Login with your username and password
  3. Click on the course title, "在线 learning Orientation" and to enter the course
  4. Proceed to complete the "在线 learning Orientation" course

The college runs an integration process. This process takes 1 hour to run Monday - Friday 8 AM - 6 PM (EST)

Your courses will be available the first day of the semester.

Make sure you are using Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari web browsers.

Cookies are files stored on your computer or device that allows a web site to store information and then access that information every time you go back to a site. One of the many items a site stores in a cookie file is login information. If you have encountered one of the issues described above you may need to delete this cookie information that is being stored in your browser.

How to Clear Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

  1. 打开Firefox
  2. Click on the hamburger menu located on the right side of the browser
  3. 点击“选项”
  4. 点击“隐私”选项卡
  5. 点击“清除最近的历史记录”
  6. Set Time range to clear to: "Everything"
  7. Click the checkbox next to "Cookies"
  8. 点击“立即清除”按钮
  9. 单击“OK”
  10. How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome

How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome

  1. 打开Google Chrome浏览器
  2. 单击菜单下拉按钮
  3. 点击“设置”
  4. On the upper left side click "历史"
  5. 点击“清除浏览数据”..."
  6. Change the field next to the text “Obliterate the Following Items from” to say “The Beginning of Time”
  7. Select "Delete Cookies and Other Site and Plug-in Data"
  8. 点击“清除浏览数据”

You’ll need a computer to successfully complete online courses at 湾大学. Not all features and content are accessible using mobile devices. In most situations you will need access to either a computer or laptop in order to successfully complete an online course in 黑板上.

是的. If you are taking a class that uses 黑板上, you can use the 黑板上 App!


The 黑板上 app is 黑板上's mobile solution designed especially for students. The app provides an intuitive way to interact with courses and content. The 黑板上 app can be used throughout a student's academic journey to stay on top of coursework and plan ahead. The 黑板上 app for students is available for iOS at the Apple App store, Google Play store and Windows App store now for FREE. You can access 黑板上 Learn, get grades, and participate in discussions on your mobile device. 今天就下载黑板上应用程序!



黑板上 Instructor gives instructors a simple and intuitive way to manage courses, 与学生互动, 查看内容. The 黑板上 Instructor app for Instructors is available for iOS at the Apple App store, 谷歌Play商店现在免费. You can manage your courses, send announcements, and connect with students on your phone or tablet. Download 黑板上 Instructor today!


The 湾大学 图书馆 Provides laptops and internet hotspots for student checkout.

湾大学 Testing Services has computers with Respondus already installed. Please schedule an appointment if you need to take a proctored test.